Friday, October 9, 2009

Silly Signs Part Two

There seems to be an abundance of strange and unusual signs in Singapore, so here are some more!

I found this first one in the gardens of Nanyang Technological University. I've heard tales of wild boar roaming these gardens and occasionally wandering further onto campus and terrorizing random students, but I have yet to witness them myself. I did find plenty of lizards though- there seems to be no shortage of those guys!
This next one is a slightly more creative version of the traditional "Don't feed the monkeys" sign. This one (posted at Bukit Timah) features a fat, stupid-looking man heading into a national park and then taunting a monkey with a piece of bread. In turn, the man is then taunted by a park ranger waving a fine. These cartoon-like signs are popular in Singapore, and I like their silly take on serious issues- especially because they always portray the offender as an idiotic oaf. They seem to be saying "You don't want to be like this guy, do you?!"
This sign took us a while to figure out. It's posted on MRT doors throughout the city. Apparently "play, play" is a slang Malay phrase that, loosely translated, means "mess around." So, this sign says "Don't mess around- let me come out first," and attempts (unsuccessfully) to get people to stand out of the way of the doors so that the people on the MRT can get off. Often people stand directly in front of the doors and squish their way on, disregarding the crush of people pushing off the train. Oh the joys of public transportation.This next sign is pretty funny on its own, but the really ridiculous part was that it was posted on a rickety wooden door at the zoo. That left me thinking- if there really is a vicious-looking rhino back there, why is it being enclosed behind this rotting door?!I really like this sign mostly just because the guy is getting bonked on the head. Schadenfreude, perhaps?Hahaha, this one is one of my favorites! WATCH IT! It was posted at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, where we did actually spot a crocodile. I only wish that he had been sitting at the bottom of this sign so that I could get a picture of both.
I'm on the lookout for more signs, so hopefully I'll be sharing some soon!

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  1. How about this sign:

    There is a rider on the bicycle, right? It took me a long time trying to figure out what the rider on the motorcycle was doing until I realised there is none!

    So, perhaps this is a sign to prohibit motorcycles from entering the park if they are not ridden by anyone?

    (this sign can be found in Changi Village next to the jetty)