Friday, November 26, 2010

What Are You Thankful For?

A Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans out there, and to our international friends who have come to love the gluttonous holiday almost as much as we do.  This year one of my American co-workers was kind enough to invite over a staggering number of people, and she even promised turkey!  Naturally, we accepted the invite and I even managed to cobble together an imitation of my mom's awesome broccoli casserole- no small feat when you consider that I had to split it into two separate dishes, which then took turns in my tiny toaster oven.  But I made it!

My broccoli casseroles reheating in Kiersten's oven.   Aren't you proud, Mom?!

Kiersten's accomplishment was far more impressive.  Finding a turkey in Singapore is no small task, apparently.  But Cold Storage has wisely taken advantage of the 7000 American-born inhabitants on this island.  They started shipping in turkeys that were born, raised, slaughtered, stuffed, and cooked in the U.S.  In a move bound to give any locavore a migraine, the turkeys have been flash-frozen and shipped to the other side of the world just for us Yankees in Singapore!  Our friend even has a fancy oven (not so common here in Singapore) so the turkey was served hot and fresh.  Of course, I stuck to the broccoli casserole, but I think Bryan was happy to have a slice of white meat on his plate.
A small portion of the massive quantities of food we ate
Kiersten's Thanksgiving pride

This was without doubt our most ethnic holiday ever- an American holiday, celebrated by representatives of India, Pakistan, the U.S., South Africa, Malaysia, France, Singapore, Ghana, and more.  But if eating too much food and drinking too much wine doesn't bring people together, what will?!
A toast to our families back home and our friends here with us

As always, we miss our families on holidays when we can't be with them, but this year is a little easier since we know we'll be seeing everyone in just a few short weeks. So happy Thanksgiving to the Riley's and the Koenig's!  We are very thankful for all of you, and we can't wait to see you!  And a big thanks to Kiersten (who also has a blog!) for creating a little slice of the U.S. here in Southeast Asia.
Me with our gracious hostess
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. I feel compelled to + "South African" and - "Malaysian" from that list ... Emma ;-)

  2. I added you! I'm sorry! You're even in the photo. In my defense, I did say "and more" in case I missed anyone.

  3. Ahhh you're so sweet! Thank you for the bloglove! And thank you for coming with your yummy casserole and big ol' smile :D