Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Silly Signs Part Nine

On a recent trip, we discovered that Thailand may have Singapore beat in the weird sign department. A couple of examples:

A sign for a bakery...I hear they have great homemade lemonade! Hehe.
Just don't ask the secret ingredient...

Right down the beach from the Pee Pee Bakery is this gem. Apparently people drink too much, and their judgment is so impaired that they eat at the Pee Pee Bakery and make out with the fishes. Seriously, people. Drink responsibly, or you might find yourself making out with a swordfish.
Please refrain from getting amorous with the marine life.

So it seems that Thailand has some pretty sweet signage, but Singapore's still holding its own. Check out this sign from Outram Park MRT station. Other places might be more silly than Singapore, but I think Singapore is holding the top spot for being BLUNT. In the U.S., this sign would probably say something a little more euphemistic, like "Don't talk to strangers," or "Never trust an adult you don't know," but here they just come out and say it- that guy is probably a creepy child molester.
Probably a molester. Also, probably makes out with fish.

But Thailand can be no-nonsense at times too. Apparently they take soliciting very seriously on some of the beaches, and post signs to prohibit it. I just love the image- NO WALKING AROUND WITH BASKETS!
I need to post one of these next to my front door.

Also from the "supposed to be serious but made me laugh anyway" category, the signs from Singapore's recent election. There were signs EVERYWHERE in the weeks leading up to polling day. No big deal, except that the signs has the symbols for the political parties, two of which were hilarious. Apparently the Singapore Democratic Party fancies itself a bit intergalactic, and chose the Starfleet insignia from Star Trek as their emblem. Seriously! Tell me this doesn't look the Star Trek logo!
Live long and prosper, SDP
Star Trek logo

The People's Action Party also opted for a fanciful emblem, going a little more superhuman than intergalactic. Does their logo remind you of anything? I kept thinking that the PAP's logo looked like it belonged on a superhero's leotard. Then I realized that I might be thinking that because I'd already SEEN it on a superhero's leotard! THE FLASH!
Looks perfect for a superhero, right?
The Flash has superhuman speed

Sometimes all the election stuff could get annoying, particularly because trucks drive around with bullhorns mounted on them, belting out messages about voting for so-and-so. But when the election stuff got to be a little much, I'd just look at the signs and imagine that the election was really a race between The Flash and Captain Kirk, and that made the whole thing a lot more fun. And now that I know that Singapore is governed by superheroes and Vulcans, I finally understand how they keep the crime rate so low!


  1. These make me laugh so hard!! I love the one with the fish!!!

  2. Sorry for self-promoting my flickr (again), but...I found both of these signs in Singapore, and stood laughing with disbelief for several minutes...