Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Silly Signs Ten: The NZ Edition

New Zealand is celebrated for a lot of awesome stuff: amazing marine life, unusual birds, delicious food, friendly people, and stunning landscapes. But you know what? Somebody needs to recognize that that country has some of the most epic signs in the world. For your consideration:
The world's most awesome animal crossing
Come on, people! Penguins need privacy too!
Seriously. There's a fur seal army over there, and they don't like the look of you
Are you a train?! Yeah, I didn't think so. Get outta here!
Is it wrong that this makes me giggle?
Is it wrong that I kind of want to see someone do this?
Well...I mean, don't sugarcoat it or anything.
One light for cars, one for people, one for bikes!
Not messin' around about the tired drivers stuff.
A little reminder for all of us dopey tourists used to driving on the right side!
Oh, by the way, you might fall to your death down an unmarked mining shaft.
No big deal.
Oh, and this is an avalanche zone,
so if the unmarked mineshafts didn't kill you, this might.

I'm not sure what this next one was all about, but we saw these signs along a lot of hiking trails in New Zealand. It seemed  to be something of a hot-button issue in the country, because we also saw huge signs in people's yards about how chemicals were destroying some of New Zealand's countryside. I don't understand the issues behind it, but the signs sure were intimidating!
We were extra careful not to munch on any random animal carcasses

They seem to do "blunt" pretty well in New Zealand:
Givin' it to you straight
The giant crocodile tears really drive the point home

See, didn't I tell you that New Zealand is jam-packed with some of the most fantastic signs ever?!


  1. their preventive policy is admirable! they are really thinking about everything and everybody

  2. Cyanide is used in NZ to control (i.e., kill) introduced animals such as possums and pest marsupials that threaten the native species. Local farmers use it to protect their cattle from diseases spread by the possums. There is a strong opposition of using cyanide pellets since it also kills native species, like kiwis (birds :)

  3. Tei - thanks for the explanation. We were wondering what it was for. That's a pretty extreme approach to getting rid of introduced species!

    Amanda - I think it's admirable too! Especially their active efforts to prevent people from feeding the kea. I think that's great.

  4. Hey, enjoyed this post and I'm from NZ. You might enjoy this silly sign which I don't think is

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