Monday, May 21, 2012

We Interrupt This Programming...

...for some good news! Crystal and Bryan in Singapore has been selected, for the second year in a row, as a finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards!!! We're competing in the Panasonic Eco Lifestyle category. You can help us by following this link. Under our description, click the links to vote for us, like us on Facebook, or tweet about us - anything you do helps us out!

We stand to win some pretty sweet prizes, and anyone who registers to vote can win prizes as well. So lend us a hand! You can vote every day from now until June 30. Winners will be announced in July.

My nature pal and fellow blogger Ivan Kwan is ALSO a finalist for his Monday Morgue blog. He's competing in the Sold.SG What-the-hell category. Vote for him too! And while you're at it, check out his other blog, The Lazy Lizard's Tales. Both blogs have interesting nature content, but you may not want to visit Monday Morgue while you're eating your breakfast...

As a finalist in the Blog Awards, I was asked to complete this little e-interview:

1.    How do you feel about being one of finalists in Singapore Blog Awards 2012?
Honored! Of course! I think it's super. Last year I had lots of fun attending events for finalists, and met interesting new people (like Flora!). I look forward to doing that again.
2.    When did you start blogging and what drew you to it? Where do you get inspiration for your blog content?
I started blogging in July of 2009, just after Bryan and I moved to Singapore. I mostly did it to keep in touch with friends and family back in the US, who suddenly felt very far away. I was pleasantly surprised when other people began to express an interest in our content. Our inspiration comes from our travels, especially the wildlife and nature we see in Singapore and in the other countries we visit.
3.    How do you feel about the other Finalists in your category this year? How do you think you will fare compared to them?
Ugh, they're awful. Who would vote for them?! Haha, no seriously, the finalists aren't chosen for having crappy blogs! They're all great, and I feel privileged to be included among them. We didn't win last year, and we may not win this year, but it's terrific to be included (and of course, I hope we do win!).
4.    Give a reason why readers should visit your blog and vote for you?
I think our blog offers a unique perspective, because it features a lot of Singapore's wildlife and nature, which I think is often underappreciated. Also, I think it's cool to look at our earlier posts, back when we were taking pictures with a crappy camera phone. We've come a long way since then - Bryan's photography skills have improved by leaps and bounds, and I like to think I've gotten a little better at writing. And I know I've gotten better at identifying local wildlife! I hope that the people who visit our blog occasionally learn something new, and that we make them smile or laugh - if we do any of those things for you, I hope you'll vote for us!
OK, now back to your regularly scheduled programming: more posts about our sweet trip to Australia!


  1. Congrats for being nominated again! I've started to see people tweeting about it and thought about you. Glad to have met you because of it.

    I'll sign up to vote for you (if it lets me). Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Flora! Yeah, I had fun going to some of the events last year, and it was great meeting you! I wish you were here to do it with me this year!

  2. Yay thanks for the shout-out! And all the best to you! Hope the nature blogs can have a greater presence in future blogging competitions. =)

    1. Thanks Ivan! Yeah, I'd love to see more nature blogs in the finals. There are some really great ones out there!