Saturday, June 9, 2012

Silly Signs Eleven: The Australia Edition

The signs in Australia weren't silly so much as they were terrifying. Around every corner was another sign warning you of the dangers of doing anything: walking, swimming, breathing. It was scary at first, but after a while it just got kind of funny.

First came the crocodile signs. They were posted near anything that could remotely be considered a body of water: rivers, ponds, billabongs, streams, brooks, large puddles, etc.
Swimming is risky when giant, hungry crocodiles lurk nearby
The crocodile will toss you around like a ragdoll before eating you for breakfast.
What's that? Oh nothing, just another sign warning you
of your impending death by crocodile.

If you're not eaten by a crocodile, you'll at least be munched on by some bloodthirsty insects.
The Australian government wants you to stay bite-free, and to dress modestly.

And if you manage to survive the crocodiles AND the biting insects, you still have to get past the asbestos and avoid developing a horrible lung disease.
Ummm...shouldn't there be a fence or something?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the lasers and the bombs. Good luck dodging those while you're trying to escape the man-eating crocs, angry mosquitoes, and scary asbestos.
The "no trespassing" seems unnecessary after the exploding bomb graphic...

Guys, if you make it through all that, you're in the clear. But ladies, you still have one more obstacle to handle.  Nabulwinjbulwinj, the angry spirit, wants to kill you in a very peculiar way. The sign says:
This is Nabulwinjbulwinj. He is a dangerous spirit who eats females after striking them with a yam.
Seriously ladies, watch out for those yams. RUN AWAY.

Sometimes I think it's funny when Singapore gets all bent out of shape about their big "monkey problem" when places like Australia have to deal with crocodiles, dingoes, kangaroos, and wild horses.
So many animal warnings! But seriously, watch out for those kangaroos!

Apparently the Northern Territory floods like crazy, but the locals are troopers and they just drive right on through the water! Some of the cars even have snorkels on them!
The indicators went up to like 3 meters!
Flooded roads are no problem for a JACKAROO (an actual car in Australia)

Australia may not have the funniest signs, but it certainly has the scariest!

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