Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Temporary Return

When I left Singapore 11 months ago, I didn't really know when I would be back again, if ever. Flights to the opposite side of the planet are costly enough that I didn't anticipate dropping by to visit friends for a few days. But about two months ago I got a phone call from a colleague in Singapore with an offer I couldn't refuse - fly to Singapore to give a talk about the monkeys and to work on some research for two weeks, all expenses paid. I almost laughed when he asked if I'd be "willing to" return. Of course! Where do I sign?!

So I went back to Singapore. I mostly worked while I was there, but I did have some time to squeeze in fun and friends. I'm bringing this blog out of retirement for a brief time to share some posts about my visit. I hope you enjoy!
Back to the land of the merlion!