Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Birthday!

My birthday was last week, and I met Bryan at work, where he gave me these beautiful flowers!! In the pictures below, we're at Black Canyon Coffee, which is located inside Fusionopolis, where Bryan works.We went out to eat at a fancy restaurant called Graze. It was really beautiful- we sat outside and it was raining all around us, but we were nice and cozy under a patio roof, with a koi pond next to us, candles burning on our table, and old black and white movies being projected on a big, blank wall. The food was outstanding- everything was presented in a really eye-catching way, and I got to eat organic pumpkin ravioli, which appealed to my new-found pumpkin addiction.

It was strange being away for my birthday- because my birthday is so close to the holidays, I often get to celebrate it in Ohio with my friends and family. Although it was a little different this year, Bryan really made it a special day, and we had a wonderful time!

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