Monday, May 24, 2010


I have a new obsession, and it is a restaurant on Orchard Rd called Marché.  It's a Swiss restaurant that we went to with friends a few weeks ago, and I think it is AWESOME.  It's in 313@somerset, and it's right next to the Somerset MRT station.  It's got an unusual setup.  When you walk in, you're handed a card, like a credit card.  Then you get up and walk around to pick out your food, and every time you pick something, they swipe your card to charge it.  There are all these different stations: vegetables, bouillabaisse, pasta, drinks, crepes, rosti, paella, salad, soup, bread, seafood, drinks, a grill, and a huge dessert station with a chocolate fondue fountain.  I'm not usually a fan of buffet style restaurants, but this is different, I think because the food is freshly prepared, and you can have things specifically prepared to your tastes.  The first time we were there I went crazy for the rosti, a freshly prepared potato pancake with sour cream.  It was total comfort food, and not good for you at all, but I tell you what, it was delicious.  I also had some cream of broccoli soup, and I don't dish out compliments like this very often, but it tasted just like the soup my mom makes.
Bryan and I went back again and had some more awesome food.  This time we also shared a freshly prepared crepe with fresh strawberries and chocolate sauce and it was amazing.  The best part about the huge restaurant is the decor.  Seriously, there are animatronics, and we all know how I feel about those.  There's a St Bernard and a bunch of sheep, and one of the animatronic sheep is sucking its mother's teat.  It is, without a doubt, the weirdest animatronic I have ever seen and I love it.  The whole place has a very rustic feel, with exposed wood and Swiss mountain scenes painted on the walls.  Sitting off to one side is an antique sleigh.
 It's also really family friendly, with a play area for little ones, a baby formula warming station, and balloons for the kids to take home.  In addition to being a restaurant, it's also a market where you can pick up fresh fruits, vegetables, and homemade baked goods.  It's so much different than other restaurants that we've been to here, and something about it really reminds me of the U.S., which is so nice.  I love love love it.


  1. There's another Marche on top of Vivocity. I've only been there once, and it was Friday night and a social dinner: the food was ok, but not worth the wait in lines.

  2. I think part of the place's appeal is that it reminds me of American home-cooking. I didn't know there was one on top of VivoCity! Maybe I'll have to try that out!

  3. i just saw this post (linked from your GV Goldclass entry - wow - must try that!) - i think i love marche for the same reasons! real dose of homesickness this weekend - until i found ncaa basketball on ASN! Emma