Saturday, May 29, 2010

Orchard Road at Night

Orchard Rd is always a sight to see at night, with all the fluorescent lights and towering buildings.  ION Orchard is the centerpiece of the show, with its futuristic shape and ever-changing light display.  Nearby Wheelock Place looks pretty cool during the day, but I think ION almost eclipses it at night.
I've admired this towering pagoda skyscraper since we first saw Orchard Road, back in July of 2009.  It's a fun nod to Asian history and culture, smack in the middle of the most modern place in S'pore. Recently, I figured out that it's the Singapore Marriott Hotel.  It seems like the place to stay if you're headed to Orchard Road to do some serious shopping and you have plenty of money to blow- it's directly across from ION Orchard and all of its designer stores.

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