Sunday, January 2, 2011

Monkey Walks!

In collaboration with NParks, I'll be leading Monkey Walks at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve the second Saturday of every month, at least from January to May, perhaps longer if we can continue to generate interest.  The walks will begin at 5 PM at the Bukit Timah Visitor Centre with a short talk to introduce everyone to some of the basics about long-tailed macaques.  After the talk, we'll head out to wherever the Hindhede monkeys happen to be, which is typically near the Visitor Centre or carpark at that time of day.  As we all observe the macaques, I'll share some more information about their behavior, how to identify specific individuals, how the hierarchy of this group is organized, and more.  It's a great opportunity for me to get to share some of what I've learned over the past year and a half of working with these monkeys, and a good chance for everyone else to educate themselves about these fascinating creatures.  Overall, the experience should last about an hour.
Monkey walk with Dr. Gumert, who is currently on sabbatical in Thailand

If you're interested in participating in a monkey walk, please email to register.  Please email at least three days in advance of the day of the walk that you would like to participate in, and keep in mind that walks will be limited to the first ten people to sign up.  If it rains up to 45 minutes before the walk, the walk will be canceled.  Walks are currently scheduled for:

January 8th
February 12th
March 12th
April 9th
May 14th
June 11th
July 9th

If you are interested in the walk or if you have further questions, feel free to drop an email!  The monkeys await!
Come see us!


  1. I am SOOO coming!!

  2. Thanks girls :-) If you really want to come, please send an email with which day you want to I need to have registration for everyone that comes. Thanks!

  3. This is a great effort - thank you so much Crystal - it has been shared on our FB page by someone :)
    Just today, a macaque was assisted to help himself out of someone's 4 bedroom. Luckily, the caller did not want to harm the macaque.
    Happy New YeAR!
    Anbu :)

  4. Hey Crystal! Hope you don't mind but I shared the info with some local friends and other people in the office who may be keen - will email! Emma

  5. Emma- Yeah, share it like crazy! I need people to register, so tell everyone you want. Thanks!

    Mr. Condescending- If you would like to come, please email There's still space for all the walks, and we'd love to fill them up.

    Thanks for the interest, everyone!