Sunday, November 15, 2009

Around Town

We've been living in Singapore for about four months now. It's hard to believe; the time is really flying by. In the time that we've been here, we've had the opportunity to see a lot of what Singapore has to offer. Not everything gets its own blog post, so here are some of the tidbits that I haven't included yet. To the left is a trippy Dali sculpture that's located downtown on the riverfront. I thought it was an unusual choice for typically straight-laced Singapore, but I guess maybe everyone can appreciate Dali. This piece is part of a collection of sculptures scattered around the riverfront area, including a scary, freakishly muscular songbird. The sculpture below is located in the same area. It's a little hard to tell what's going on in the picture, but the bronze figures are little boys, and they're pushing each other over a ledge. The falling boys are suspended in mid-air over the water below. And that's me in the picture, pushing on the statues that are still on the sidewalk : ) This statue's located in between the Fullerton Hotel and the Asian Civilisations Museum.
More sculptures- some super colorful shoppers on Orchard Road. It's fun to stand here and watch the statues for a few minutes, because pretty much every teenage girl that walks by goes up to the statues and strikes a pose while making her friend/boyfriend take a picture.Here's another fun picture- the back of a row of buildings- it looks like Air-con Alley. Because most places don't have central air, a lot of buildings have a number of bulky air-conditioners mounted on the back. Watch out, though- they're always dripping lukewarm ooze that gives you the vague, uncomfortable feeling that they're peeing on you.These twin pagodas are located at Chinese Garden. Bryan and I laid in the grass and read here for a while (actually, I read and Bryan fell asleep), but it made a beautiful backdrop for a relaxing afternoon.
And that's all for now! More pictures are forthcoming- I took a hiatus for awhile because I was super sick (maybe the regular flu, maybe H1N1, who knows?!), and Bryan and I have been laying low while I recovered. Now I'm getting better, and we're planning a trip to Malaysia, so I'll be posting more often in the near future.

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