Sunday, November 1, 2009

Foot Reflexology

Another curiosity- the foot reflexology path in the courtyard of our apartment building. These footpaths are often located outside of HDB's, and there's also one at Bukit Timah, and another in the Botanic Garden. The idea is that if you walk on these paths barefoot, the smooth stones will apply pressure to points on your feet that correspond to areas within the body- vital organs, glands, muscles, etc. Walking the path and massages these areas and is supposed to prevent health problems by breaking down toxins in the body. Also, if you know enough about reflexology, in theory you could pinpoint the parts that hurt and use that information to take better care of yourself (e.g. if your heel is related to your stomach, and your heel hurts as you walk on the path, maybe you should avoid foods that are difficult to digest for awhile). I think the principles applied here are probably similar to the ones behind acupuncture, but I'm not positive. Strolling over stones does, of course, hurt a little bit, but it feels good in spots too, kind of like having a back massage when your muscles are already a little sore.

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