Sunday, November 1, 2009

Clarke Quay

A couple of weekends ago we went to Clarke Quay to go to a brewery called Brewerkz. The atmosphere of Clarke Quay is interesting- it was pretty lively on a Saturday night, with a good showing of Westerners. The decorations out on the street reminded me of something you might see in an amusement park...or a Dr. Seuss book. There were big, tall, strangely shaped umbrellas that had lights projected on them. The lights changed colors, from blue to yellow to red, purple, green, orange, and back again. You can see the giant umbrella things in the photo below. The bridge across the river also had lights projected on it.
Brewerkz was located in a string of buildings called Riverside Point. The brewery was large, and the atmosphere was a lot like that of a big American bar that serves food- maybe someplace like Dave & Buster's, but without the video games. The food was fantastic- definitely the most convincing American fare I've had in a while. I haven't eaten mashed potatoes in three months, so the white cheddar mashed potatoes definitely hit the spot. And it was nice to have vegetarian options that didn't include rice! The beer was super tasty as well. We ordered a couple of samplers- I especially liked the cherry fruit brew, and Bryan and I both enjoyed the refreshing rye beer.

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