Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bukit Batok Nature Park

It's been hard to make it over to Bukit Batok Nature Park because it's so close to Bukit Timah...you'd think that would make it easier, but I figure if I'm going to go to BBNP, I might as well just go a couple more minutes so I can see my monkeys! Anyway, Bryan and I finally made it out there. As expected, it wasn't as good as Bukit Timah, but it was also less crowded on the weekend, which was refreshing. The professor that I work with told me that there are monkeys at Bukit Batok, and we looked for them but saw no sign of them anywhere.

Bukit Batok is smaller and a lot more landscaped than Bukit Timah- lots of paved paths and picnic tables, so I wasn't expecting much wildlife. But the first thing we saw at the park was an adorable little baby red-eared slider!!! Bryan got some great photos.And compounding the cuteness was this boy, gently playing with the turtle. It made me happy to see a little boy outside on a nice day, playing in a stream.Then we came across a crazy tree that overtook a boulder.The quarry was really pretty, but it was pretty hot. I was trying to protect my head from the beating sun. Sometimes I feel like my black hair might as well be asphalt on my scalp.While I scouted the trees for any sign of macaques, Bryan occupied himself with some dragonfly photography. These are a couple of his favorites.There was a lot of bird life at Bukit Batok. Here I am, pointing some of it out to Bryan.
We saw this white-crested laughingthrush, a bird I often see at Bukit Timah. I love listening to their boisterous songs. As we were leaving, we also spotted a big-beaked, stunning white-throated kingfisher.We found two petite brown and yellow birds, working on building a nest out of dried leaves. I'm not sure what kind of birds they are- any opinions?While we were roaming, we found a sign for a war memorial. The sign was at the bottom of a bunch of steps, so we headed on up to check it out. We were pretty surprised after we worked our way to the top and were greeted with only a fence and what appeared to be a power plant. I guess we should have read the sign- apparently this was the former site of the memorial. All that sweating for nothing.It wasn't really our day for war memorials, but everything else was really nice. Maybe we'll go back soon and see if we can find those stealthy monkeys.

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