Thursday, March 11, 2010

Silly Signs Part Four

We saw this sign in an underpass leading to the MRT near the Esplanade. The sign itself was pretty funny, but the fact that people were sleeping right next to it made it a lot better.I'd never seen a sign banning certain foods from hotel rooms until I moved to SE Asia. They're relatively common here, especially with regard to durian. This one also bans tarap, which is a durian relative, mangosteen and dragonfruit, which I definitely don't think of as stinky, and all sorts of little fish, which are pretty gross in both appearance and odor. People eat the dried little fish whole, just like potato chips. This sign is from the DeGalleria Hotel in Kota Kinabalu.
Bukit Batok Nature Park was a wealth of hilarious signs. The poaching one struck me as mildly ridiculous- maybe I'm just not that dextrous, but I can barely get close enough to the birds to get a good photo, let alone close enough to snatch them up with my bare hands.I like the falling fruit sign...
...but the falling durian sign might be my favorite one of all time!This is the traditional "Don't feed the monkeys" sign from MacRitchie Reservoir.At Bukit Batok NP, there's a new interpretation of the sign- one where the happy monkey face has been replaced with an angry face. I think this is MUCH more accurate- sure, the monkeys are cute and all, but they turn nasty pretty fast when humans and their food come into the picture. I don't think it's a good idea to show people pictures of happy monkeys when trying to convince them that feeding the monkeys is a bad thing. Really, I think they should use actual photographs of angry monkeys with their big fangs sticking out, or pictures of monkeys jumping on people with food, but at least this is a step in the right direction.
This little gem is from the Singapore Zoo. It's mostly in Chinese, but I'm pretty sure it says something to the tune of "Don't get too close, or these lions will devour you whole." It's a little outdated- none of the zoo's exhibits really look like that. And I think the woman looks like Cruella DeVille, but maybe that was intentional.In case you need instructions on how to properly use a public bathroom, Singapore has you covered. This one's from Bukit Timah, but I've seen them lots of other places.

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