Monday, August 2, 2010

Silly Signs Part Six

I'm taking a brief break from posting about our Thai vacation to bring you some more ridiculous signs from around Southeast Asia.

This is probably one of my favorite signs of all time.  Here's a photo of Lindsay Lohan, probably at around age 15, back before she got all drug-addled.

Now here's the same underage Lindsay, this time cradling a bottle of Chivas and apparently endorsing a liquor store in Singapore's Little India.  It's like they used the "predict the future" tool on Photoshop.

This next little gem was found in Patong, Thailand.  Bite me soon!!  But, you know...not yet.

And from the Karon Sunshine Guesthouse & Bar in Phuket, we have one of the silliest bathroom signs I've ever seen...

This next one's from Little India in Singapore.  Again, I had to wonder exactly how many times people washed their hands on the roadside before someone felt it necessary to post a sign?

I know I'm 25, but that doesn't mean that I'm above laughing at the word "poo," especially when it's posted on official signage.

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