Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weird Food Gets Weirder

Just when I thought I couldn't be any more stunned by the culinary offerings of southeast Asia, I stumbled upon this delightfully bizarre treat.  At a KFC in Phuket, Thailand, you can get a salmon stick- a stick of spaghetti, salmon, and cream sauce, deep fried and served up in a paper sleeve.  Because, obviously KFC will "go to great lengths  to please you!"  Ick.  I was reminded of McDonald's brief misadventure with McSpaghetti back in the '80's.  Also gross.

And as a special bonus, when I got home and looked at the photo, I spotted this in the background:

Also offered by KFC, it's a "chocolate cake roll sundae," which appears to be a chunk of Swiss roll plopped into the middle of a regular hot fudge sundae.  Yikes.  I'd never eat the salmon stick, but I might be convinced to sample the sundae...

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