Friday, April 8, 2011

Silly Signs Part Eight

As I said in the last sign post, there's a seemingly infinite pool of bizarre signs in Singapore. And I will continue to photograph them, despite the sidelong glances I get from people wondering what on earth I am doing. The first sign is one we found in the parking lot (sorry, I mean the carpark) at HortPark. I love the stars coming out of the guy's head!
I think I would die laughing if I saw this happen in real life. BOINK!

The next one is from Sungei Buloh. The wetlands reserve is also home to my all-time favorite Singaporean sign, the WATCH IT crocodile. This sign kind of gives me the creeps for some reason I can't quite put my finger on. Maybe it's those lush, disembodied lips. I don't know. But it's also entertaining because the sign is near the main entrance and pretty much every time I see it there's some unruly kid running around nearby, screaming or punching a sibling, leading me to wonder...what tranquility?
Enjoy the obnoxiously loud children.

Coming from the U.S., we're not used to seeing many typhoid and cholera awareness campaigns. And this one is kind of freaky. We found it outside at Reflections at Bukit Chandu.
Wash your hands. Or you'll get typhoid.

These new signs were recently erected at Bukit Timah. They are a cooperation between a Raffles Girls School club called Monkey Business and NParks. The signs give information about the monkeys and how to be around them without upsetting them. And the advice is accompanied by adorable cartoon monkeys! What's not to love?
They remind me of the evil monkey from Family Guy.