Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thailand Day Two: Ko Phi Phi

Early the next morning, we were eager to hop out of bed and check ourselves out of the ummer Hotel. The night before we'd arranged a taxi driver to take us to the Ratsada ferry terminal, and he was waiting for us as soon as we walked out of our room. The sun seemed obscenely bright after our gloomy hotel room, but I was glad to see that it was a beautiful day. Unfortunately the neighboring coffee shop where Bryan and I had planned to have our morning coffee was closed and (strangely) filled with bicycles. We stopped at a 7-11 and got some cloyingly sweet iced coffee sludge. Mmmm...

The ferry to Ko Phi Phi (pronounced "Pee Pee") was on time, and we settled in for the hour ride. We pulled out right around 8:30, when lots of other boats were headed out as well.
Departing ferries
Takin' it all in

The scenery was breathtaking: sea eagles soared overhead, limestone cliffs jutted directly out of the sea, massive bubble-gum pink jellyfish bobbed up and down in the limpid water. It was all stunning. We enjoyed the quiet ride, snapped pictures of the scenery, and munched on yummy homemade banana muffins that the crew were handing out with "orange juice" (actually Fanta).
Beautiful day
Surreal landscape

Before we knew it, we'd reached Ko Phi Phi.The ferry terminal was crowded with lots of people arriving and loads of touters trying to give people boat rides, or direct them to one of the local hotels.
Playing with the fishies by the ferry terminal
Longboat line-up

Bungalow balcony
We started walking, aiming for hotel a little further away from the hustle and bustle. The main thoroughfare was full of restaurants, massage parlors, food stalls selling pancakes, and shops stocked with the usual tourist stuff- cheap t-shirts, bottled water, sunblock, etc. Once we got out of that area, we found a nice place called Andaman Beach Resort, and decided to stay in one of the bungalows there. Our bungalow was set back a little ways, close to the woods. It was nice and private, and gave us a great opportunity to sit out on our little porch and watch the legions of birds and butterflies flocking to the flowering bushes near our place. It was definitely a step up from lying on the cruddy bed at the ummer Hotel, contemplating the brown smear stains on the ceiling (seriously, how did they get there?!). The little courtyard in front of our bungalow was also a hotspot for flying dragons, making it rich fodder for the lizard game. We also saw some neat insects there, probably trying to avoid being swallowed up by the lizards.
Spotted dove
Mantis chowing down on a brightly colored fly
Displaying flying dragon
Grasshopper looks like a warrior

It was a lovely day so we didn't hang around the room for long. The first order of business was food, so we walked to a nearby place and got some mediocre fried rice for me and some mystery dish for Bryan (he ordered basil beef but there appeared to be a language mix-up). Anyway, even though the food wasn't great it was nice to eat right there at the beach. It was even better when the guided tours departed for the day, taking most of the tourist bulk out of the place. After lunch we put on swimsuits and struck out for Long Beach, where we hoped to snorkel. Bryan tried out his snorkel before we left.

Haha snorkel face

Long Beach was further away than we thought, but the walk was pretty and we saw lots of scenery and cute stray cats along the way, so we were content. We found one little kitten who looked like she'd conked out right in the middle of nursing from her mom. So cute!
Beached longboat
Can't beat the views

On the walk, we passed by a little beach bar where there were a lot of hand-carved things like tables, chairs, and my favorite- this teeter-totter.
Seaside seesaw

Our efforts were finally rewarded when we got to the beach. It was gorgeous! The water was so clear that it was hard to tell where the sand ended and the water began.
Long Beach

Not only was there an awesome beach, but there was a bonus! SOMETHING ABANDONED!!!!!!! Naturally I was overjoyed even though I had no idea what it was. At first I thought it looked like a cable car, but couldn't fathom how a cable car had come to be perched on a little cliff on a remote tropical island. Bryan pointed out that it looked more like a cabin from the deck of a ship, like where the captain would sit and look out. That made a lot more sense. I went up to the thing to take some pictures, disturbing a few lizards while I was at it.
Clearly not a cable car
Spooky door
It looks like they stole the driver's seat from a soccer mom's minivan.

Hermit crab
After tearing myself away from the abandoned ship cabin, I joined Bryan for some snorkeling in the crystal-clear water. The water was nice and warm and the visibility was unbelievable. Right away we saw lots of fat purple and white sea cucumbers lying on the sea floor. We also spotted loads of small zebra fish, and a couple schools of small silver fish that reminded me of the ones that formed the arrows and signs in Finding Nemo. My favorite fish was an iridescent purple color, with turquoise highlights on the fins. Unfortunately my fish identification abilities are about as good as my plant identification skills, so that's about all I know. The snorkeling was nice because we saw some cool fish and sea cucumbers and stuff, and in pretty large quantities but it was also kind of sad because there was a fair amount of coral bleaching, which occurs when reefs are stressed, usually due to pollution.

Ghost crab
Back up on the beach, we hung around in the shade for awhile, as I tried my hardest not to commit my usual sin of sunburning myself to a crisp on the first day of vacation. Hiding in the rocks on the beach we found some hermit crabs, which made me think of my niece and nephew. They had hermit crabs as pets and every time one died my brother would tell them that it'd gone back to the beach.

We liked the ghost crabs too. They were a translucent white and pretty much impossible to see against the white sand. Usually they could only be spotted when they were scuttling along sideways, which they did if we got too close to them. They disappeared into tiny holes in the sand quick as a blink. Bryan had to work pretty hard to catch a photo of one.

After our crab explorations we spent some more time hanging around in the water, relaxing, enjoying a day at the beach, and generally putting off the walk back.
All done snorkeling
Floating in the Andaman Sea

Eventually we headed back, via a different route than the one we'd used to get out there. It turned out our path to Long Beach had been wildly inefficient, and the path we took back was much more direct. We stopped by our bungalow to clean up a bit, then headed out to explore a little more, aiming to eventually end up at a place we thought sounded promising - Monkey Beach. On the way to Monkey Beach, I resurrected my idea for a new blog documenting the creepy mannequins of the world. I was inspired by this freakish specimen.
Like something out of a hallucinogen-fueled nightmare

Monkey Beach proved to be monkey-less but pretty impressive nonetheless. The tide was out and local families were digging in the exposed sand for crabs. Bryan and I walked toward the water, admiring the sea life trapped in the tide pools: flat, pale crabs, sea snails, tiny fish, and some long, primitive, snot-like organisms that were scattered about.
Snot-like sea creature

After poking around on the beach awhile, we headed up to the Monkey Beach Bar for dinner. Since leaving Singapore I'd been having a slightly unsettled stomach so I tried to order something innocuous (egg baguette with fries). I ended up just kind of picking at it, and Bryan found his pad thai similarly unimpressive. But it was nice that the bar had tables right in the sand, and we got to eat there on the beach. However, we couldn't really reconcile the obnoxious music the bar was playing with the otherwise serene surroundings. The music was what you might call experimental- loud, thumping, and incorporating non-musical sounds like static, buzzing, speech, etc., all with volume levels that varied widely and seemingly at random. It was kind of annoying, especially for dinner music, and I think it's safe to say we were both glad to get away from there when dinner was over.
The bar

The sunset
After escaping the bizarre music, we took a meandering route back to our room, stopping at another beach-side bar along the way for a beer. Many of the seafood restaurants we passed had the night's catch displayed out front. Interesting, but to me, not appetizing. Anyway, we had a nice time at the little bar, sitting in the shadows, people-watching (a sunburned family, Thai kids chasing stray cats, a young, arguing pair looking like this might be their last vacation as a couple).

Back in our hotel that night we settled into bed, happy to be sleeping on clean sheets. Or so we thought. As I adjusted my pillow to go to sleep, something caught my eye. I looked closer then jumped up on the bed, shouting. There was a millipede under my pillow! I mean, it was nothing like the gargantuan one I saw at Bukit Timah, but it was big enough that I didn't want to sleep with it tucked under my head. Bryan came to the rescue, scooping the little guy up with a snorkel flipper and flinging him out the front door. After that I thought I might sleep restlessly, with a case of the heebie-jeebies keeping me alert (kind of like after seeing the rat in Sumatra), but I guess I was too tired for millipedes to matter, because I slept like a baby well into the morning.


  1. It was : ) Being there made me think of you and KT a lot! Especially when I had a banana shake!